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Once an anti-hunter, Tammy now has harvested over 100 deer, 6 wild hogs, 9 black bear, an elk and an alligator all with her Mathews bow. She is an outdoor enthusiast who has received national recognition for teaching women bow hunting classes and sharing her expertise in whitetail hunting through seminars. A certified National Bow Hunter Education Foundation instructor, she has taught women bow hunting for the National Wild Turkey Federation's Woman in the Outdoors and Since 1990,has been an instructor of the UW-Stevens Points Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) clinics, held throughout the US and Canada. Read More in the Bio Section.

   New News!
Tammy and Brittany are getting ready for action this year and have been busy scheduling what is sure to be an exciting year both in the field and at their BRAND NEW for 2015 Bowhunting School! Be sure to sign up for the Mathews Bow drawing and check the box asking for more information about ladies bowhunting classes in order to keep updated! Several two day courses are set to sail this early fall ,don't miss it!

Spring will bring some gobbler gettin' action with turkey chasin' happening non stop in April with a few coyote chases and bow fishing in between. As summer approaches this crazy lady team of two will be traveling across America with Mathews bows in tote after some of this country's most sought after big game. August and September will bring the mother daughter duo to Ontario ,Canada after black bear. For fall they return to the Midwest with Whitetail hunts in Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. Who knows where they will be next ?

One place we know they will be is on the television show Leading Ladies Outdoors on The Sportsman Channel. Tune in to see Tammy and her daughter Brittany on exciting hunts all over the country. Bear hunts in Minnesota,Canada at Hideaway Outfitters and Whitetail in Wisconsin and Iowa. Watch for the action, it will NOT disappoint!

Tammy and Brittany will be filming non stop to bring you the most exciting hunting show two ladies can bring! Pullout your bow and sharpen your aim...the season of harvest is among us! Have fun, hunt safe and stay tuned for updates!

   Tammy's Thoughts for the Month
Making meals without using some sort of wild game is really hard for me to imagine. Nearly every time I have sat down to a delicious dinner since I was married at 19 years of age we have enjoyed not only the thrill of the hunt but the low fat, high protein venison that we harvest of during these outings. And yes, we eat all the game we harvest or donate it to a food pantry or shelter.

In Las Vegas, I was honored to help out along side The Sportsman Channel when they joined forces with the Shade Tree Shelter in north Las Vegas to help feed the Las Vegas Community as part of the third HUNT.FISH.FEED. event. This program has provided thousands of the nations hungry with nutrient rich wild game and fish. Last year The Sportsman Channel fed over 5,000 people during more than 10 stops.

The Mule Deer Foundation provided the meat ,donated by sportsmen, that brought smiles to many faces. Several hungry patrons even went back for a second helping of tacos! What a rewarding outing. I only wished I that each family could experience the heart pounding thrill and the joyous family memories that I have been blessed to experience by being immersed in a family of hunters.

I cherish few things more than spending time with my family. The time we spend a field is especially precious as we get to enjoy it not just once but we also get to relive the memory as we surround the table.

Frankly, early on in life our family hunted out of necessity. However, now our love for the meat, the hunt and the memories are what drive us. It is a win,win,win for us! For 29 years it has been the glue that has stuck our family together. I would suggest to anyone interested in enriching your life to give it a whirl.

If you haven't tried hunting, try it! If you haven't tried venison, try it! If you haven't donated meat to a food pantry or shelter, try it! If you haven't spent much time with your family out in Gods great outdoors, try it! You will be Blessed!

Until next time.... May God Bless you and yours! Tammy Koenig

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