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´╗┐Stacking Books
FInding and Harvesting Record Book Bear

Stacking up Pope and Young Record book black bear is the dream of many bowhunters. Unfortunately, this dream can all too quickly turn into a bear camp nightmare ending with the loss of time and money. Over the past thirty years in pursuit of big game I have followed a few principles that can be a great help in locating worthy game. In the next few paragraphs, I'll focus on record book black bear.

Location, Location, Location

Certain areas are known for producing record book animals. Physical traits cemented in genetic makeup will determine which pedigrees, if you will, have large skulls. Where book bear are consistently found ,there is a strong probability that these genetics exist.

Never was this so clear as the time I was hunting at Hideaway Outfitters in Redditt, Ontario, Canada. This bear camp is known to produce record book black bear. During one of my hunts, I found myself staring directly down from my tree stand into the eyes of a 400# sow and her three tiny cubs. Even though these cubs were less than a year old I could easily see that one of the cubs had a much larger head than the rest, abnormally large for his body. I presumed it was a little boar of the same lineage of a record-book bear we had taken previously from this stand.

Two years later, hunting the same stand, we saw this "little" bear again. He seems to be developing nicely and may someday have the record book potential that this indicative of this area. Without the aid of genetics, it is can be difficult to find animals that meet Pope &Young standards.

Reliable References

Did I stress Reliable? A relative or friend of the outfitter you are planning on investigating will be bias to the outfitter, thus, NOT necessarily a reliable reference. Count on the opinion and guidance of someone whose reputation relies on bear hunting. Respectable members of a state run bearhunting associations for example or an owner of a dependable bear product would be a good source. Brad Herring from Bear Scents, LLC was my source. He has an outstanding product used by every bear camp I have ever been in. He possesses an insane raw knowledge about bear and their whereabouts. Brad put me onto both camps where I have taken Pope and Young qualifying bear.

Book Early

Once you find a good bear camp, book early. Really great bear camps (if not relying on a permit draw) can be sold out years in advance. They do not have to advertise much, if at all, and tend to fill quickly. You could be on a waiting list for a year or more, but it will be worth it. Find out what week fills out first and get in line to book it.

Have Patience

Simply said, let the little ones walk. One thing is sure, if you shoot a small bear he can't turn into a big one. Quality bear management pays off. Even if it is your first hunt, try to size bear carefully before shooting. Fight the urge to take the first bear you see. They ALL look big your first trip out. Self-control is key. Learn the identifying characteristics that qualify a book bear. Let common sense, not adrenalin be the judge.

Be Prepared

Dependable equipment is mandatory when hunting in these remote places. Choose excellent hunting tackle and get a list of other suggested gear from your outfitter. If you do your research, use common sense and practice, practice, practice, it won't be long and you will start your own stack of books. Book bears that is!

To book a bear hunt you will not soon forget call Hideaway Outfitters. Hideaway Outfitters have two camps; one is exclusively archery the other gun or bow. Both camps have affordable rates. You can contact John or Kathy Palson at their toll free number 888-797-2577or visit their website at www.hideawayoutfitters.com

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